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Medieval map of Ostrog, Reconstruction by G. Logvin
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Medieval map of Ostrog, Reconstruction by G. Logvin
Wednesday, 05 October 2022


Must-see in Ukraine > Ukrainian Traditional Easter Eggs Decorate Downtown of Monte Carlo

Works by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas are currently displayed on Monte Carlo’s Henri Dunant Avenue. Mas won the honor to be exhibited in Monaco following an 8-month long application process, with Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, himself making the final choice. The work on display consists of five huge spheres made out of small wooden decorated eggs that carry modern artistic value while representing the Ukrainian folk tradition of Easter eggs decoration.

Each sphere is made of a set of wooden eggs decorated with delicate workmanship. Patterns of various cultures – Maya, Persian, Celts, and Ukrainian – are replicated on each wooden piece. According to Mas, the exhibit represents contemporary Ukrainian art by sending the message of kindness and renaissance. The larger three of the exhibited Easter eggs measured at 90 by 110 cm are placed in the open air. The remaining two 50 by 110 cm eggs are displayed in the gallery of the Opera House Palais de la Scala.

The pieces will remain available to the public till August 30, 2011. Each year the Monaco administrative bodies change the open air exhibition in order to introduce the public to the contemporary art and newest developments in the field. The Prince of Monaco makes the final decision concerning the art pieces to be granted the honor of being exhibited. Along with the works of the Ukrainian artist the right to present his sculpture has been granted to the British Anish Kapoor.

The five pieces presented in Monaco are only a part of a giant altarpiece enrolled as her 2011 Venice Biennale project Post vs. Proto Renaissancе. 12 800 eggs constituted the art installation. Over 90 thousand guests visited the Ukrainian exhibition making it the most visited site of the Biennale. Better still, the altar was not even finished at the time. The 92 high and 134 wide altar is the project in the making, designed to contain over 3.6 million eggs.

Oksana Mas is a contemporary Ukrainian artist represented by the world leading network of contemporary art galleries Opera Gallery. Among the materials of choice of the unconventional Mas are leather, plastic, and old engines. Besides being an arts school graduate, the 42 year old artist holds a degree in philosophy, which is likely to contribute to her unusual art vision. Mas’ Easter egg spheres were previously displayed in Barcelona, Paris, Moscow, New York, Washington, Zurich, and Kyiv.