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St. Andrew\'s Church and the Historical Museum, Kiev
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St. Andrew\'s Church and the Historical Museum, Kiev
Tuesday, 16 August 2022


Must-see in Ukraine > "The Baptism of the Rus" will be shown in the "Ukrainian house"

August 2, at 19:00, the "Ukrainian House" (Kyiv, Khreschatyk Str.) there will be a documentary film “Baptism” open display and a meeting with the crew.

Organizers of this event have informed The UNIAN about this.

The film is about the spiritual, historical and cultural effects of baptism for the Slavic people, its role in this day and age and the value of the baptism for people and the whole nation.

The filmmakers have tried to reconstruct the events of more than a thousand  years ago - the baptism of Prince Vladimir and the Baptism of Rus.

The authors have tried to find the answer to the question: What was the influence of Baptism than led to civilized changes in the world.

His authoritative opinion shared ministers of the church, known historians and prominent personalities have shared their thoughts as to this item.

Director of the picture - Alex Liabakh, writer - Yuri Molchanov, the anchor of the movie - Sergey Dorofeev.

Free antrance

As UNIAN reported earlier, by August 6 in "Ukrainian House"  there is an exhibition «X centuries  of Orthodoxy. History of Orthodox Rus in the images of its saints. "

Source: UNIAN