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Duma Square (now the Independence Square) at the beginning of the 20th century. Kiev
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Duma Square (now the Independence Square) at the beginning of the 20th  century. Kiev
Wednesday, 05 October 2022


Culture news > Kiev represented souvenirs for EURO – 2012

Kiev city authorities have determined the list of souvenirs, which will be on offer in the capital during EURO – 2012. Dolls, pictures, made of flaky dough, pigs –whistles, painted eggs, patriotic bags and key rings, tobacco pipes in the form of Cossacks will be offered to fans.

According to “Segodnya”, each souvenir will have something, connected with EURO – 2012 or representation of Kiev and its attractions. The list of attractions has also been approved: Kiev – Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia`s Cathedral, St. Andrew`s Church, the Independence Square, the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskiy and the unofficial symbol of Kiev – a chestnut.

“All souvenirs will be manufactured by Ukrainian craftsmen, it will involve 600 manufacturers altogether. We are calling them in different regions now and they are extremely happy to get this job” – Natalia Stetsenko, the Commercial Director of the company, which won the tender for 2, 4 mln. gryvnas, informs.

The most original souvenirs will be made of real flaky dough, which will be treated with special lacquer and will harden like clay. Paintings, decorated with straw, will be made of the dough.

Prices are expected to be not too high. For example, magnets will cost 2 gryvnas, embroidered towels – from 30 hryvnas, ceramic and glass plates - 15 – 20 hryvnas, glasses – 10 – 20 hryvnas. Big tapestries, which can be hung on the wall, will cost about 5 thousand hryvnas.

Contest for the best symbol of the capital, instead of the current chestnut, will take place in Kiev by the 1st of September this year. According to the Deputy Head of Kiev City State Administration on EURO – 2012 Anatoliy Golubchenko, everybody, who wishes, will be able to participate in it: both professional painters and amateurs. “We will definitely consider all proposals and make our decision” – Golubchenko says. Probably, the capital will get its new symbol in autumn.