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Wednesday, 05 October 2022


Culture news > Ukrainian Wine Makers Make it to the Guinness World Records

Crimea viniculturists filled a giant 5 feet tall glass with almost 15 gallons of champagne setting a world record. The Ukrainian sparkling wine makers beat the former record holders’ – the Canadians’ who were able to fill in the champagne glass half the size. The record was registered by the representatives of the Guinness World Records. 

The giant wine glass was filled to honor the Champagne Birthday, celebrated on August 4th. The celebration took place at the Balaklava quayside near the South Ukrainian city of Sevastopol. A champagne glass was custom-made in Kyiv and it took three people to fill the tall glass with the wine of 2009 harvest.

The giant glass contained 75 bottles of wine amounting to nearly 15 gallons or 56 liters of the made-in-Ukraine sparkling wine.

According to the legend, on August 4, 1668, a Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon introduced a new drink – transparent sparkling wine. For years previous to the introduction a steward at the Abbey Otviler, located in the province of Champagne, Perignon engaged in experiments to produce different wines. The technology was finally elaborated by the monk in 1668 though the detailed description of the new type of wine’s manufacture was published only in 1718.

The wine industry of Ukraine is a well-established production with traditions going back to the 4th century BC. At the south coast of Crimea wine production has been introduced by the Ancient Greeks and since the 11th century wine cultivation started in the northern part of the country. During the times of the Soviet Union Ukraine has been the largest supplier of wines in the country.

Currently, Ukrainian brands are exported to the neighboring states, the countries of the European Union and North America. The significant wine-growing regions of Ukraine are Balaklava (Crimea), Bessarabia, Carpathian Ruthenia; Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, and Odesa regions.

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