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Sunset on the Dnieper. Fragment. Zvenigorodsky V. 1970
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Sunset on the Dnieper. Fragment. Zvenigorodsky V. 1970
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > You can not imagine Kiev without Podol (Lower Town)


View over Podol and Enbankment Highway Kiev Mohyla Academy HetmanshipMuseum, Podol
The history of Kiev has been started here. Podol or Lower Town is the most ancient area in our city. The very first merchants and warriors used to land there starting from time immemorial. In Middle Ages exactly this area was known as Kiev. Even the name of our city was like Kiev-Podol at that time. You can find it in old maps.

You will be amazed with unique pharmacy-museum, ancient sun-dials, outstanding Baroque style fountain, nice museum in the former post-house, beautiful streets beneath the ancient Kievan hills, Cossacks’ epoch churches and original 19th century mansions.

You will see unique Podol style courtyards. The memory about «those old times» is preserved there. Armenians, Jews and Russian Old Believers lived and prayed to their gods there. Podol has always been known as the center of international trade. Here Kiev Mohyla Academy has been founded many centuries ago. It is considered to be the most important educational establishment in our city. That is the way the sites are in Podol.
Franz Liszt, Honoré de Balzac, Grigory Skovoroda, Michael Lomonosov, Taras Shevchenko and Alexander Pushkin all of them visited Podol. Making trade, providing education and venerating holy shrines were always the styles of life in Podol. That is why you are enchanted with the European atmosphere there.
You are to visit the Magdeburg Rights Museum, the Hetmanship Museum or the Pharmacy-Museum in order to understand the magic of Podol. The Magdeburg Rights Museum is situated in the former post-house. Its exhibition is dedicated to the history of self-rule in Kiev. The Pharmacy-Museum is one of the most ancient pharmacies in area of Ukraine. It is situated in the original 19th century building.

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You can not imagine Kiev without Podol (Lower Town)


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