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Poppies of the Carpathians. Lviv region
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Poppies of the Carpathians. Lviv region
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > Kiev, the Hero City. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ...


In Glory Park
Museum of the World War 2 In the Museum of the World War 2

During the tour you will hear about the events that took place in Kiev during World War II. The heroic defense of the city lasted 73 days from July till September 1941. Thus the plans of Hitler's "blitzkrieg" were frustrated. The entire plan "Barbarossa" was destroyed. But those events also were also the prologue to one of the most tragic pages in the history of the Red Army, as 630 thousands Red Army soldiers were trapped in the vicinity of Kiev.

You will learn about the hard days of the German occupation of Kiev. You will learn about the fate of the Kiev underground fighters too. The truth about events related to the famous football team "Dynamo" (Kiev) and their "death matches", as well as about the explosions of buildings on Khreshchatyk is to be revealed. You are to know why the Assumption Cathedral in Lavra was destroyed. And of course you will hear the tragic story of Babi Yar. 

The cruel and absurd occupation regime was however combined with the daily life of the city inhabitants. That was a strange kind of life focused on survival. Nevertheless it had its small pleasures. Kiev was liberated in November 1943. And again the living quarters in Kiev were destroyed. Many Kievans were expelled from the city by Nazi. 

During the tour you will know about the bravery and heroism of the soldiers of the 1st Ukrainian Front under the command of Army General N. Vatutin shown in the Battle for the Dnieper when the Red Army soldiers had to cross the river in order to liberate Kiev in October-November 1943. 

You will visit the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (that is the way World War II is known to the former Soviet citizens). You will see the famous Soviet Motherland statue and the park of Eternal Glory. You will visit the Start stadium and Syretsky memorial as well as the notorious Babi Yar site. Those tragic days in the history of Kiev must be remembered. And there are monuments dedicated to those days.


Here is some useful information:

  • The city tour is 3 hours tour.
  • Our English, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech and so on speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
  • You can order your private tour any time. We can provide you with transportation service too. There are 2, 5, 17, 22, 30 and 45 pax vehicles in our company. 


The monument to the shot football players, who won the "match of death"
Diorama "Battle for the Dnieper"
Part of the memorial complex in Babiy Yar


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Kiev, the Hero City. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ...


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