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St. Michael’s Cathedral at the end of 19th. century. Kiev
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St. Michael’s Cathedral at the end of 19th. century. Kiev
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


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Владимирский собор Андреевская церковь Михайловский Златоверхий монастырь

In ancient times Kiev was compared to Jerusalem.
That was the level of our city as the Christianity had been introduced for local people there. And later Kiev was known as a very important Christian center. And at present time our city is still considered to be the outstanding religious center very important for the numerous pilgrims. There is a saying like that in our days – no need to have a map if you go to Kiev. Any time any one has been eager to show pilgrims the way to Kiev.

During the tour you will visit the most prominent masterpieces of the church architecture in Kiev.

St. Vladimir’s cathedral is the main church of Kievan patriarchy. The wall paintings inside the cathedral were made by the prominent 19th century artists such as V. Vasnetsov, M. Nesterov, S. Kostenko, M. Pimonenko, V. Kotarbinsky, M. Vrubel and others. The pilgrims can pray to the relics of Santa Barbara there. Santa Barbara was one of the first Christian martyrs venerated in the Byzantine empire. Her burial site was the site of pilgrimage of early Christians starting from the 4th century A.D.  

St. Andrew’s Church is the masterpiece of the Baroque church architecture constructed after the project of the great 18th century architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The church was built on the hill where according to the Christian tradition Apostle Andrew prayed when he visited the site of the future city of Kiev in the 1st century A.D. Russian Empress  Elisabeth (she was the daughter of Russian Emperor Peter the Great) issued her order to construct St. Andrew’s church on that very same site.

St. Michael’s gold-domed cathedral is known as the bright example of Ukrainian Baroque church architecture. The cathedral was built at the beginning of the 12th century. In 1930s it was destroyed. St. Michael’s gold-domed cathedral was reconstructed on the eve of the 3rd millennium.


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Churches and Monasteries of Kyiv


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