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The view of Kreshchatik from the European square at the end of 19th century. Kiev
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The view of Kreshchatik from the European square at the end of 19th  century. Kiev
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > Love Stories born in Kyiv

From the ciy of Kiev, from the lair of a dragon I got no wife but a wich...


 Franz Liszt and Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein St. Flor’s nunnery founded in the 16th century Ivan Dolgoruky and Natalia Sheremetyeva


Kiev love stories were very numerous. There is romantic atmosphere there as in no other city. We will tell you some (most important) love stories. And they are about the exploits, dramas and tragedies of loving hearts. Breaking hearts will be mentioned too.  

Natalia Dolgorukaya stayed in St. Flor’s nunnery so many years. She was one of the wealthiest ladies in the Russian Empire.  Having left the palaces and the glory for the sake of her husband Natalia suffered on her own free will all the privations and hardships of exile in Siberia. When Natalia’s husband had been executed dil she left for the holy land of Kiev.

There is a memorial plaque on Podil on the Contract House  mentioning the concerts of Franz Liszt. The prominent Hungarian composer and pianist Franz Liszt had his concerts in Kiev in 1847. And it was exactly in Kiev that he met the love of his life. Her name was Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, had her romance with the Ukrainian Cossack boy Alex Rozum. Their love affair has long been a topic for movies and popular books. There are some sites in Kiev where you can imagine their love for real.

Anna Akhmatova and Nikolai Gumilev were the star couple. They got married in our city.

Boris Pasternak spent several months with his beloved one in the very heart of Kiev. He lived near the Golden Gate. Kiev is mentioned  in some of his works.

Mikhail Bulgakov and Tasia Lappa had their honeymoon in that very same area of Kiev. Life seemed so happy for them ...
Natalia Tereshchenko was the daughter of one of the most famous sugar kings of Russian Empire. You will hear her love story while visiting Natalia’s mansion. The mansion was given to Natalia as the wedding present.

And in our days native Kievans and visitors of Kiev cannot help falling in love. That wonderful and bright thing called love rules in our city. If you would like to be quite sure about it you are to visit the "Bridge of Love" connecting the romantic parks in the park zone over the Dnieper River.


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Anna Akhmatova, Nikolai Gumilev and Lev Bridge of Love Mikhail Bulgakov and Tasia Lappa



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Love Stories born in Kyiv


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