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Kyiv city tours > Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery (Lavra)

The corridor of the Distant Caves The Dormition Cathedral
Streets of the Distant Caves

Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery is the main holy shrine of Ukrainian orthodoxy. It is well known as one of the most prominent Christian sites all over the world. The monastery was founded in 1051. Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery has always been venerated as the center of spiritual life on the Dnieper river slopes. Destructions, persecutions, explosions and fires were numerous in the history of the monastery but its mission as the center of Ukrainian orthodoxy has been kept on for ages.

We, those who visit the monastery in the 21st century, are the lucky ones. We can see the large monastery complex recovered and ennobled. We can be inspired with its holy aura. The Assumption Cathedral is the main sacred site of the monastery. More than 60 years it laid in ruins. The cathedral was reconstructed in 2000. Now the pilgrims are amazed with the grandeur of the main church of the Lavra.   The necropolis of monastery has been restored too. The graves of the condemned in Soviet times historical personalities such as former Russian prime-minister Stolypin, Ukrainian historian D. Scherbakivsky, metropolitan Anthony have been, returned from oblivion. Practically all buildings of Lavra have been repaired. Lavra means in Greek the big and venerated monastery.

Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery (Lavra) is enlisted into the world heritage list. Since 1990 the monastery has been under UNESCO protection. The pilgrims can make their way through the long underground corridors of the monastery. The pilgrims are attracted to the area by the possibility to pray to the relics of about 200 reverent saints.

Some historic and cultural museums of Ukraine including the famous museum of the historic valuables are situated in the precinct of the monastery. (The museum of the historic valuables is also known as the «Museum of Scythian gold»). Such museums as the museum of microminiatures, museum of book-printing, folk arts museum, the musical, theatrical and cinematographic museum can be visited there too. You can also visit some private exhibitions. The special exhibition is dedicated to the history of caves in Lavra.


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Iconostasis of the Dormition Cathedral
Lavra`s bell-tower
Divine service in Lavra




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Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery (Lavra)


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