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Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > Literary Kyiv

The monument to Oleg Gonchar
The Union of Writers of Ukraine The writers` house

From time immemorial men of letters were inspired by our city.  They wrote about Kiev in their works, in their letters to their friends. During the tour we will visit two museums, we will see Writers’ House and the monument to Oles Gonchar. These are the gems of Literary Kiev. Though there are many more sites dedicated to Ukrainian literature in our city.

At the end of 19th century this block situated on Saksagansky’s Street was known as the center of the Ukrainian culture. This area was called by Lesya Ukrainka as «our Ukrainian united states». The best tendencies in music, theater, poetry of that period of Ukrainian history were represented there most of all. Michael Staritskiy, the Ukrainian writer, dramatist, public and theatrical figure, the great Ukrainian composer Nickolay Lysenko, the famous Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka and the first in Ukraine she-academician Olena Pchilka lived there. The memorial complex of the prominent Ukrainian cultural personalities is situated in the houses where Michael Staritskiy, Nickolay Lysenko, Olena Pchilka and Lesya Ukrainka used to live.

The first stage of Writers’ House was built in 1929. Next stage was built ten years later. The residential complex consisting of two buildings has been known for more than 70 years as the dwelling place of Ukrainian literature prominent personalities. The total number of personalities that used to live there is about 130. Some of them were popular in Soviet times. Their literary masterpieces were the subject at school. Many citizens of the former USSR remember studying the poems, plays and novels of P.Tichina, M.Rylsky, V.Sosyura, N.Bazhan, A.Korniychuk, A.Malishko, O.Gonchar, M.Stelmakh, A.Kopilenko, Yu.Yanovsky, I.Mykytenko, I.Kocherga, A.Golovko, B.Antonenko-Davidovich and many others. Some of them started the modern Ukrainian literature. Some have been engaged in the development of Ukrainian literature recently.

The Writers’ House facade is decorated with the numerous memorial plagues. There are 38 memorial plagues on two Writers’ House buildings.

There is the monument to Ukrainian classical novel writer Oles Gonchar in the nearby park. The modern style monument looks like the integral part of the local cozy landscape.

More detailed story about the development of Ukrainian literature can be heard in the National museum of Ukrainian literature. The museum is situated in the former educational establishment known as Galagan’s Collegium.


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The Museum of Eminent Workers of Ukrainian Culture

In the exposition of the museum
The Museum of Literature


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Literary Kyiv


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