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Lubart`s Castle, 13th century, Lutsk, Volyn region
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Lubart`s Castle, 13th century, Lutsk, Volyn region
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


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Kiev is a mysterious city Witches` sabbath Archistratigus Mikhail

Kiev is a mysterious city. That’s the fact. Kiev historians and such Russian literary geniuses as Gogol, Pushkin and Bulgakov wrote about it in their books. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. But there are some evil forces in our capital city. You can feel it when you look at Kiev coat of arms. Archangel Michael is the only saint with arms in his hands. And Archangel Michael is the patron saint of our city. He is intended to protect our city against evil forces. Some local psychics presume there are so many churches in the capital of Ukraine because there is the need to balance between sinful things and righteous things in Kiev.

Kiev was founded not far from the Bald Mountain. According to the local tradition the Bald Mountain is the site where local witches have their sinister parties at Walpurgis Night. There is a memorial plaque installed near the Museum of History of Ukraine. There it is written: "From this place Kiev was started” Although some historians believe that the history of Kiev was started on the site called a Castle Hill. It is also known as Kiselevka Hill or Frolovskaya Hill. And only later the ancient settlement was moved from the Castle Hill to the neighboring hill called Old Kiev Hill. Some local psychics state there are four spots on the Old Kiev Hill radiating out positive energy. And the Castle Hill was considered an "evil place" for centuries because that was the site where the criminals were executed.

The area where the Kiev cable car is located now in the old days was called Devil’s tenement. According to local tradition that was the spot where local witches had their parties. Some garden was situated there. And Three Saints Church was located nearby. But there was a bad reputation about the garden. In the 17th century the local researcher Peter Rozvidovsky mentioned the site as a garden of Kuchinsky or of Kukovsky. Rozvidovsky wrote the following thing about the neighborhood: "Garden of Kuchinsky, where witches flocked ..." Another local historian Max Berlinsky paid attention to the evil power of the place too calling it "the scariest site in Kiev."

Some Kiev mystic sites exist only in the memories. Some old Bald Mountain was located between the Chertoriy stream  and then the village Troyeshchyna. Athanasius Markovich was a husband of popular lady writer Mary Vilinsky. She is more known under her pseudonym Marko Vovchok. Athanasius Markovich wrote his "The Witch" poem in 1840. The poem was dedicated to that site. But when "Aurora" movie-theater was constructed there in the middle of previous century the mountain was erased. Rusanovka spit disappeared too. Originally it was extended to the then little village Vygurovschina. That site was mentioned as the Bald Mountain by Fundukley and Berlinsky. In the 1960s some residential district was constructed there. There is no spit there any more.  

Let’s hear about the first officially registered poltergeist in our city! Let’s learn about the mystical events that took place in Kiev! Let’s visit the most mysterious one of all Bald Mountains in Kiev!  So come on! Will you join our mysterious Kiev tour!


Here is some useful information:

  • The tour is 2 hours long walking tour.
  • Our English, German speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
  • You can order your private tour any time. We can provide you with transportation service too.

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Mysterious Kiev


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