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Genoese fortress in the 14th century. The Black Sea. Sudak, Crimea
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Genoese fortress in the 14th century. The Black Sea. Sudak, Crimea
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > Kiev bridges

 Metro bridge
View from the Southern bridge
Park bridge

During the tour the information about all the bridges over the Dnieper River in city limits of Kiev will be provided to you. You will hear about the existing bridges and about the bridges under construction. You will be amazed with their artistic style. You will enjoy the unique panorama of our city. And no doubt you will be impressed with the mighty waters of the Dnieper.

Any bridge cannot be considered as just a type of utilitarian transport facilities because it is an important component of the environment. Bridges have always been considered a factor indicating the level of development of society in any era, any country. 

You will learn many interesting things about the history of local and world bridge construction. You will learn about the role of bridges in human beings’ life. Bridges are considered to be the important factor in creating the architectural outlook of city as well as in the development of city transport system. You will hear the history of Kiev bridges. No doubt bridges are the highest technological achievements of mankind. And big respect is paid to the outstanding bridge builders of the past and the present such as F. Enrold, C. Vignoles, S. Kerbedz, D. Zhuravsky, A. Struve, N. Belelyubsky, E. Paton, I. Barenboim, V. Kireenko and G. Fuchs.

During the tour you will know about the basic principles of bridges design as well as about the technical innovations used in the bridge construction.

You will enjoy a beautiful view of the Dnieper River and of modern residential districts situated on the eastern bank of the Dnieper. You will visit the fantastic "bridge of love". You will cross the modern Kiev bridges. The Kiev bridges are considered to be the symbol of the technical genius of human beings. That’s the symbol inseparable from the beauty of ancient Kiev.


Here is some useful information:

  • The tour is 4 hours long tour.
  • Our English and German speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
  • You can order your private tour any time. We can provide you with transportation service too. There are 2, 5, 17, 22, 30 and 45 pax vehicles in our company.

Paton bridge
View from Moskovskiy bridge
Pedestrian bridge


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Kiev bridges


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