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Crimea.  Burnt by the Sun Alushta
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > Roundabout monasteries of Kiev

The Monastery of the Navity of Virgin Mary The Hermitage of the Patronage of Mother of God The Convent of St. Panteleimon

serkovshina – Feofania – Kitaevo – Goloseevo – that is the route of the excursion. From time immemorial Kiev was famous as the Sacred City. And each of the city’s cloisters has its history, its Saints, its secrets. We invite you to the excursion about roundabout Kiev monasteries.

Tserkovshina – the Monastery of Nativity of the Virgin Mary

This is an ancient monastery, founded on the place of solitary prayers of Feodosiy Pecherskiy. It was neglected in the Middle Ages, but renewed in 19th century. Primordial caves with complex of underground churches, monastic cells and burial vaults, thoughtfully cleared by fraternity after many centuries of decay, are the main treasure of this territory. You will find it exciting to walk about the territory of the track with artificial pools, sources of tasty sacred water, to rise to the top of the Hill. You will find out the secret of the names “Tserkovshina” and “Gadyuchiy Log”, will be able to pray by the wonder-working icon “Vsetsaritsa – Pantanasa”. The small secluded monastery in Tserkovshina became a separate monastery in 2010.


This cloister has existed in picturesque tract of Lazarevshina for over a hundred years. These lands used to belong to Kiev-Pechersk Monastery and were the property of Kiev Metropolitans, including Petr Mogila. In 1800 the land was transferred to the possession of Mikhailovkiy Zlatoverhiy Monastery. Since then such names as “Kiev Afon”, Favor and Eleon mountains, Kedronskiy source, Sinai Hill and annalistic Khoriv hill appeared in this area. Panteleymon Cathedral (1905 –1912) – one of the grandest monastery temples in Kiev — is decoration of the Monastery. Magnificent nature, salubrious sources, splendid opportunity of solitude make Feofania so famous. You will have unforgettable impressions after visiting Monastery and its surroundings.

Kitaevo – Svyato-Troitskiy Male Monastery

Some analysts associate history of these places with times of Prince Andrew Bogolyubskiy. The name probably origins from Tatar word “Kitay” that means “fortress». Monastic life was led in local caves from 11th to 12th centuries when a secluded monastery, belonging to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, existed in this area on the old fortified hill near the lake. Later entrances to the caves were lost, up to 1857, when they were found again by a novice of the above-ground monastery. Selfless activity of the Reverend Dosifey and the Reverend Feofil, whose burial places are located in the cloister, became integral part of history of this sacred place. The Hermitage was visited by many famous personalities. Metropolitan Filaret, Gregory Skovoroda, Nikolay Lysenko lived there. Taras Shevchenko, Pavel Tychina, Mikhail Grushevskiy also visited the monastery. In 1990, after many years of decay, revival of church life started. Nowadays the caves of Kitaevskiy Monastery are opened for visiting again. Necklace of handmade lakes, landscape of this territory are a pleasure to the eye. The very atmosphere of the cloister gives calmness and peace of mind.

Goloseevo – Svyato- Pokrov Hermitage

This Kiev cloister that was badly damaged at Bolsheviks times has been revived like the Magic Phoenix. It actually got its second wind. Brainchild of Metropolitan Petro Mogila, sown on this bare place by the outstanding church hermit, Goloseevo was famous for the line of hills, thickly overgrown with trees, fruit gardens and tireless monastic exploits of its inhabitants. Mother Alipia (1910 – 1988) is considered one of the most famous local Saints. Lots of pilgrims rush to kneel to her relics.

Consonant with the scenery, the domes of the renewed temples of Goloseev Cloister rise up again and remain permanent source of inspiration for every religious person.


Organizational issues:

  • Duration of the excursion – 6 hours
  • Type of excursion – bus – and – walk
  • Individual excursions on your request – at any time, any type of transport (2, 5. 17, 22, 30, 45 seats)
Bathing house in Goloseevo The Monastery of the Holy Trinity On the territory of the monastery in Tserkovshina

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Roundabout monasteries of Kiev


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