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Field of Berestechko battle National historic memorial reserve in Radzivill district Rivne region
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Field of Berestechko battle National historic memorial reserve in Radzivill district Rivne region
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


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The house with chimeras The theatre named after I. Franko The weeping widow`s house

Pechersk was named after Kiev Pechersk Lavra and Lipki – after the gorgeous lime tree alley, which was laid for Klovskiy Palace along present-day Lipskaya Street in the 17th century. But mansions of Kiev grand people, which were actively built at that time, eventually pressed the sweet “special appeal” of Pechersk. Up to the beginning of the 18th century Pechersk upland consisted of backwoods; there were no city constructions there. Only two holy cloisters – Pechersk and Deserted – Nikolayevskaya huddled in the backwoods. But at the times of Russian Empire the area was turned into a fortress: first, Petr1 surrounded Lavra with defensive ramparts and after him Emperor Nikolay finished construction of the fortress and broadened it over the whole present-day upland - Pechersk. He was the one, who set the aristocracy`s tradition to live there, when he founded Mariinskiy and Klovskiy Palaces.

What are we going to see during the tour?

The House with Chimeras is a Kievan legend. The building is so outstanding that since its construction it has been wrapped with legends and myths. That is the project of famous Kievan  architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. Vladislav Gorodetsky is the most Kievan architect. He had his influence on the development of architecture in our city. Later Vladislav Gorodetsky was the court architect of Iranian shah. Vladislav was Polish by his origin. No big wonder that he fell in love with Kiev. One of his hobbies was hunting. Vladislav Gorodetsky was known as a construction innovator. His famous building is one of the landmarks of the Kievan landscape forever.

Weeping Widow’s House. You will hear the legend about this house decorated with some mascaron. The mascaron looks like as a lady’s head. When it rains you have the feeling that tears flow down the lady’s cheeks .

Chocolate House. Every one in Kiev knows about that chocolate colored mansion decorated in luxurious way. The Wedding Palace was situated in the building for years. You will hear some facts about the building. You will hear some stories about the people that used to live there.  When the renovation is finished the building will be opened again to wide public as the branch of Russian Fine Arts Museum.  

Kovalevsky’s Mansion. That’s the excellent masterpiece of city architecture. The mansion was constructed in the style imitating the Italian medieval castles. Here you will hear the romantic love story about the mansion owner. You will hear the life story of the architect whose project was realized there. The architect’s name was Pavel Alyoshin. Later he was known as one of the most prominent architects in our city.   

The interior has been preserved in the perfect way in the Countess Uvarova’s mansion. You can see magnificent stucco, original oak panels and marble fire-places there. 

You will see the building of the theater named after I. Franko. The I. Franko’s theater company of actors is one of most popular companies in Ukraine. Nicolay Sadovsky, Bogdan Stupka and many other prominent Ukrainian actors who are considered to glorify Ukraine with their talents used to play and still play on this stage.

National bank of Ukraine. This building is well known as one of the most beautiful bank buildings in Europe. You will learn why it looks that way. You will hear about the architect who had to construct the same building twice in his life.

Our tour will be finished with strolling along the Mariinsky park. We will have our walk around the Mariinsky palace too. The palace was built by famous architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Now the palace is used as the residence of President of Ukraine. The palace was used for different purposes in previous epochs. It was used as some spa complex, as а museum and so on. And 70 years ago the building of Supreme Council of Ukraine was constructed nearby.

And finally you will visit the famous arched bridge. The bridge was constructed as a delicate structure above the park valley. There are two names of the bridge. Some call it the Devil’s bridge. Some call it the Bridge of love.

And what name do you prefer?


Here is some useful information:  

  • The tour is 3 hours tour.
  • Our English, Hebrew, Italian, German, Czech speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
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The building of the National Bank "Chocolate" house  Mariinskiy Palace


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Lipki Mansions


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