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In the middle of Kreshchatik in the 1910s. Kiev
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In the middle of Kreshchatik in the 1910s. Kiev
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > St. Sophia Cathedral and Old KievTour


St.Sophia`s Cathedral The interior. St. Sophia`s Cathedral The bell-tower, St. Sophia`s Cathedral

The tour of «Mother of Rus Towns» is dedicated to the one of the oldest cities of Europe, the capital of the big state named Kievan Rus, the rival of Constantinople, the rich and flourishing city of the 10th–13th century.  

We will visit the sites where the history of Kiev was started. Our history has been started there. 

Podol is Old Russian for Lower Town. Podol is an ancient district of Kiev. Craftsmen and merchants lived there for centuries. Their activity was never stopped. There you can see the most ancient archaeological finds, many temples of Old Kiev. You can enjoy the atmosphere of old bustling Kiev.

Old Kiev Hill is known as the residence of princes and nobility. It is often called the cradle of Kiev, Kievan Russ, our Slavonic Acropolis. This is the site «where Russian history was started». There are foundations of princely palaces and pagan shrines. You will be amazed with the excellent panorama of natural boundaries of ancient sites. 

We will visit the sites related to the rule of Grand Princess Olga, Kiev Princes Vladimir, Yaroslav the Wise and Vladimir Monomachus. Then we will visit the Church of Savior on Berestove, where according to the legend, the founder of Moscow Yuri Dolgorukiy was buried in the 12th century. 

Our excursion is devoted to mode of life of ancient Kievites. We will study their culture, revolts and wars. We will study the historical topography and architecture of Old Kiev too. 

The visit to the St. Sofia’s cathedral or St. Cyril’s Church can be included in our tour.

The St. Sofia’s cathedral is the most ancient temple of Rus. The St. Sofia’s cathedral was constructed in 1037. Some hundreds of square meters of the original 11th century mosaics and frescos can be seen in the cathedral, including the scenes of every day life in Old Kiev. These are unique frescos that can be found nowhere else neither on territory of former Kievan Rus nor in Europe. The famous Grand Prince of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise was buried in the cathedral in 1054. St. Sofia’s Cathedral is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

St. Cyrill’s Church is the masterpiece of the 12th century architecture. The church has been preserved in the forms typical for Kievan Russ. There are unique frescos in St. Cyrill’s Church. You will be amazed with the standards of painting of the Pre-Mongolian Russia there. At the end of the 19th century the great Russian artist Vrubel worked in the church. His manner of painting provided new originality for the church decoration. Thus St. Cyrill’s Church wall paintings stand for the standards of the world level monument.


Here is some useful information:  

  • The tour is 2 and half hours walking tour. The tour can be arranged as 3 hours bus tour too.
  • Our English, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
  • You can order your private tour any time. We can provide you with transportation service too.


The Church of the Saviour in Berestov

The Church of the Dime against the background of the Historical Museum

The view of a Kiev tract from the Landscape Alley


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St. Sophia Cathedral and Old KievTour


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