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The Monument to St. Vladimir at the end of 19th century. Kiev
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The Monument to St. Vladimir at the end of 19th  century. Kiev
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Kyiv city tours > Mysterious Kitayevo

Cave labyrinth
Picturesque ponds
 Funeral mounds in Kitayevo, preserved from Pagan times

That fortress was built on the high hill in the southern outskirts of Kiev in the Kievan Rus epoch. It was a real stronghold. Attackers had to break through five defensive lines while storming the fortress. And some remains of those fortifications have been preserved to present day!

You can see some burial mounds near the site of the former settlement and fortress. The burial mounds were erected in the days of paganism.

In ancient times a cave maze was made there. And the cave maze is available for inspection too! Monks lived in the Kitayevo caves from the 11th century till the 17th century. That means even after the Mongol-Tatar invasion some monks stayed there. The caves seemed to be a fairly reliable refuge for the monks.

And there are picturesque ponds in the vicinity. There is the oldest Kiev chestnut in the monastery courtyard. What wonderful panorama can be enjoyed from Kitayevo hills!

And many more things must be mentioned...  G. Skovoroda, T.Shevchenko, N. Lysenko, M. Grushevsky and A. Dovzhenko visited Kitayevo many times.

A unique hermit lived in Kitayevo in the 18th century. Reverent Dosifey lived there. Dosifey was venerated as a male hermit. But actually Dosifey was a woman. So during your tour you will be told about this extraordinary fact in the history of the local church. You will hear about the exploits of the Kitayevo monks as well as about the architectural styles of the local churches. Kitayevo is not only mysterious, but it is also a wonderful place to visit!



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Kitayevo has always been a reliable refuge for monks The architecure of local temples impresses greatly
The grave of St. Dosiphea


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Mysterious Kitayevo


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