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Manor Lopukhins of 18th century on Ros River in Korsun - Shevchenkivskiy. Cherkasy region.
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Manor Lopukhins of 18th century on Ros River in Korsun - Shevchenkivskiy. Cherkasy region.
Tuesday, 17 May 2022


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A trip about old Kiev
Almost everybody is ready It is impossible to imagine Kiev without trams

No tram means no Kiev. The history of electric tram in our city is intertwined with the history of city of Kiev. Will you please have your comfortable seat in the tramcar arranged as a café!  There are soft seats, tables and a kitchen. The ceiling of tramcar is decorated with the photos of trams made in different historical places of Kiev in different years. And you can go on a fascinating journey through the old Kiev in this amazing tramcar. The first electric tram appeared in Kiev on May 4, 1892. And the tramcar which is used for a city tour has been reconstructed on the initiative of the Kiev Tram Forum enthusiasts. Many years ago passengers were transported with that unusual kind of public transportation. In 1992 it was rearranged into the VIP-wagon. In 2007 a city tour was organized in the number 001 series T3M Czech tramcar for the first time. There are two electric tram routes in our city. They are "Paton’s Bridge — Kontraktovaya Square" and "Kontraktovaya Square — Pusha-Vodytsya". 

During your trip along the Dnieper River embankment (“Kontraktovaya Square — Paton’s Bridge” route) you will hear the history of the first electric tram in our city. You will hear the story of  Kievan water supply and Kievan trade fairs. You will see "Samson" fountain, some bridges and the beautiful Trukhanov Island. The tram stops at the place of the Baptism of 12 sons of Prince Vladimir, at the lower part of the Kyiv Fortress and at the site of the former Chain (Nicholas’) Bridge which was known as the masterpiece of architecture in Kiev in the nineteenth century. 

The second route (“Kontraktovaya — PuschaVodytsya") is specially popular the tram route is laid in the forest. During your trip you will visit Podol (Lower Town), Ploske, Kurenyovka and Priorka districts. You will arrive to the wood area of Puscha Vodytsya. The name of the area derived from the Russian word meaning some dense, impenetrable forest and from the name of a small river called Voditsa. Puscha Vodytsya is perhaps the most famous summer cottage area near Kiev. It is situated in the ancient oak-pine forest. Kievan princes liked to hunt there in the 11th century. The prince Vladimir’s hunting in Puscha Voditsa was mentioned in some old chronicles written at that period. In 1724 the area was proclaimed a state-owned property. In 1890 a holiday village called Puscha Vodytsya was established Kiev City Council. Many writers and artists were attracted to the area by its beauty. Puscha Vodytsya was visited by Peter I, Catherine II, Shevchenko, Gogol, Tolstoy and Lesya Ukrainka. Kievan artists Izhakevich and Konovalyuk painted their pictures there. Many Kievan celebrities such as V. Nikolayev, E. Bradtman, J. Richert and I. Snezhko had their summer cottages in Puscha Vodytsya. Puscha Vodytsya was visited by the most known Kievan architect V. Gorodetsky too.

Here is some useful information:

  • The tour is 3 hours long tour.
  • There are 21 seats in the tramcar.
  • Our English, German speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
  • You can order your private tour any time.  

Soft chairs are very comfortable

One can have a snack during an excursion

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