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Genoese fortress in the 14th century. The Black Sea. Sudak, Crimea
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Genoese fortress in the 14th century. The Black Sea. Sudak, Crimea
Tuesday, 18 January 2022


VIP-terminal airport "Borispol"

VIP Service at “Borispol” Airport

Terminal «C” of “Borispol” airport, the main air gates of Ukraine, is specially intended for VIP service. It has been turned into terminal of European level after recent reconstructions. Along with pleasant everyday rest while waiting for a flight or transfer, VIP service room  provides with opportunities of holding press-conferences, meetings and banquets.

VIP room is the room of superior comfort. Rapid registration counter is supposed to be available there. It enables to go through the customs formalities quickly.

For greater comfort VIP room of the airport “Borispol” is equipped with a bar, where one can spend time while waiting for registration or have a rest after a long flight.

VIP room is the best solution for those, who value their time and prefer to spend in with use and comfort.

 Service, provided by Terminal “C”, includes:

  • Individual meeting and boarding of passengers by highly qualified service specialists, each of whom speak foreign languages;
  • Transportation of passengers to/from an airplane by special transport;
  • Packing of baggage of departing passengers;
  • Carrying, unloading and loading of baggage and hand luggage to/from a passenger’s transport;
  • Placing preliminary ordered transport of the client on the airport land side of Terminal “C” during meeting/departing of passengers. The terminal has its own parking;
  • Waiting for an air flight in comfortable premises of Terminal “C”;
  • Providing with services of local and international phone lines, a fax machine, a copier, WiFi access;
  • Passing passport and customs control through specially equipped points at terminal “C”, organization of tickets and luggage registration;

The cost is $300 per person. 



Extra services: There is a meeting-room for 22 people at Terminal “C” in case you need to conduct negotiations, press-conferences, meetings, stand-up meals. The cost of the services is 150 hryvnas per hour.

Discounts and notes:

Children under 12, accompanied by parents are served free of charge;

There is no discount for children, departing or arriving without adults;

Transfer passengers, who change at Borispol airport and are served at Terminal “C” during 24 hours , are provided with 50 % discount from the cost of the following service (so, in whole, service will amount 150% of the payment);

Passengers, served during 24 hours with return to departure point, are not provided with discount;

There is 5% discount for adult groups from 10 to 20 people, over 20 people - 10%, over 40 people – 15%. Passengers who arrived or depart by one air flight and are served at Terminal C on one application of a client are considered a group of passengers.

Passengers, who pay in cash, are provided with service only in case of prior payment;

Passengers, departing by flights of the following air-companies are not provided with services:

  • British Airways;
  • British Midland Airways;
  • Air France;
  • El-Al Israel Airlines;
  • Lufthansa;
  • Wizz Air.

Applications are accepted:

  • Not later than twenty four hours before the flight arrival;
  • Not later than twenty four hours before the flight departure;
  • Applications for group service must be submitted in writing not later than 48 hours before start of service.