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Papaverous field near Zbryzh in the valley of the Zbruch river, Ternopil region
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Papaverous field near Zbryzh in the valley of the Zbruch river, Ternopil region
Thursday, 07 July 2022


Medical Tourism > Vinnitsa region, Khmelnik, Medical Rehabilitation Center “Southern Bug”


“There is crystal fresh air here, charming nature – The Southern Bug river, a cozy park, fir trees, clear snow” – one of the visitors of the health resort wrote in the guest book. In a word, the small resort in the town of Khmelnik won the fame of one of the most famous and popular resorts of state importance. Its radon carbonate chloride- calcium- sodium water has not just been well known for a long time, it is successfully used in medical – sanitary practice as wonder-working healer of many ailments and diseases.

Medical Treatment

Here is the list of diseases, treatment of which is specialization of Medical Rehabilitation Center “Southern Bug”

Locomotive system: osteochondrosis of vertebral column, deforming osteochondrosis, Bechterew`s disease, reactive arthritis, traumatic injuries of bones and joints, diseases of abarticular soft tissues, Raynaud`s disease and Raynaud`s syndrome;

Cardiovascular system: coronary diseases (without stenocardia attacks and heart rate disturbance);

Hypertonic disease of 1-2 grades;

Obliterating diseases of lower extremities vessels, varicose vein;

Rheumatism with minimum activity;

Nervous system diseases (neurosis, residual effects of endured arachnoiditis, meningoencephalitis, radiculitis, plexitis, polyneuritis);

Gynecological diseases (chronic inflammatory diseases, sterility, fibromyoma, endometriosis, pathologic menopause, after ovarioectomy syndrome);

Dermatological diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, trophic ulcer);

Metabolic and endocrine system disorders (podagra, urate diathesis, diabetes of light an average forms, hyperthyroidism of 1-2 grades, obesity of 1-2 grades);

Burn disease (rehabilitation of after-burn patients with prevail affection of the skin, rehabilitation of patients with after-burn deformations, hypertrophic scars, psychological correction of after-burn patients;

Mouth cavity illnesses (mucous membrane diseases, gum diseases, parodontosis);

Diseases of male urino-genital sphere.

The miraculous water from the Khmelnik resort sources has great salubrious power. It is widely used for baths, irrigations, inhalations and electrophoresis. Its radon carbonate chloride- calcium- sodium water is natural health-improving factor. It is useful to know that radon is the product of radioactive disintegration, short-lived isotope, belonging to inert gases. Concentration of radon is 15-18 Curie per liter. It is evident from the practice that this is the best concentration, which gives excellent therapeutic effect and does not stress the heart. This is the distinguishing feature of the MRC “Southern Bug” among other sanatoriums of the resort.

It would be useful to find out why products of disintegration of radon deposit on the skin while taking radon baths. It turn out to be a true sign that at this moment radon gets into body through mucous, lungs, skin and has a positive effect on the whole organism. For better efficiency, patients are given various radon baths – ordinary, with underwater massage, Jacuzzi. For patients who need vertebral column traction, there is a swimming pool of natural spine traction in radon water.

Qualified medical personnel work at the health resort and medical-diagnostic base functions efficiently. It includes: clinical – biochemical laboratory, specialized cabinets – functional diagnostics, X-ray room, dental, gynecological, urological, psychotherapeutic, endocrinological, manipulation, physiotherapy, message, exercise therapy gym. And, of course, in “water” sanatorium there are lots of different water manipulation subdivisions: baths department, swimming pool of underwater vertical traction of vertebral column, cabinets of hydro massage of gums, gynecological irrigations, bowel micro clysters. There are also cabinets of speleotherapy, herbal therapy, pump room with mineral water “Morshinskaya” (the water from Morshin sources №1 and №6 for those, suffering from chronic gastritis, enteritis, colitis, dysfunctions of liver, gall bladder, pancreas). Medical-rehabilitation procedures are successfully supplemented with rational feeding. There are five dietary meals a day here on system of individual preliminary order; menu is seven-day, seasonal, balanced in main chemical ingredients, amino-acid and calorie content.


MRC “Southern Bug” is situated in the centre of the city, not far from the river, in so-called “first line” zone, 50-100 meters away from the bank. Sleeping buildings are situated in the park zone. There are single and double rooms as well as deluxe suites here. Rooms in the sanatorium have all conveniences, including TVs and balconies. Cold and hot water is supplied round-the-clock. There is Wi-Fi zone available.

Deluxe suites are two-room, double, 35-40 square meters, with Western style renovation and modern design. There are balconies, furniture, made of natural wood, cozy soft furniture, TV-sets, satellite TV, tableware set.

In VIP apartments – Western style renovation, home theatre, fridge, telephone, audio and video recorders, satellite TV, furniture of natural wood, modern design, comfortable leather soft furniture, air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner, hair-drier, tableware set. Beds are separate and coupled. Cold and hot water is supplied round-the-clock. Balconies face the Southern Bug River.

The resort and town Khmelnik itself offer their guests wide opportunities for interesting leisure at their free time. For example, there is a club, café-bar, library, gym, volleyball ground, run track, sauna, billiards, tennis. Local excursion bureau invites to visit Pochaev Lavra, P.I. Chaykovskiy Museum neat Zhmerinka, N.I. Pirogov Museum in Vinnitsa and many other places of interest.

More useful information:

Children of any age are accepted.

A voucher can be bought for 24 or 12 days. Its cost includes accommodation, five meals a day, medical examination and treatment.

The best way to get to the health resort is: first by train to Vinnitsa, then by bus or route taxi to Khmelnik; or by train to Khmelnitskiy and further to Khmelnik by bus or taxi.

Please contact Tour Operator "Prime Excursion Bureau" for getting detailed information about conditions of rest and recreation at "Southern Bug" and ordering a voucher to the sanatorium.



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Vinnitsa region, Khmelnik, Medical Rehabilitation Center “Southern Bug”


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