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Tonya on Dnipro. Fragment. Sergeev.N.1889
Thursday, 07 July 2022


Medical Tourism > Poltava region, Mirgorod, Sanatorium “Birch Wood”


Balneological and mud-cure resort Mirgorod is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary soon. Meanwhile, specialists say that recourses of local “queen of mineral waters” “Mirgorodskaya” in local deposits will be sufficient for at least another hundred of years. It means that sanatoriums of the health resort are supposed to heal many more people, suffering from diseases of digestion and problems of metabolism. And one of them – “Birch Wood” sanatorium, specializing in treatment of insular diabetes, has real chances to become worldwide center of this specialization.

The sanatorium specializes in treatment of diseases, connected with metabolism disfunction, in particular, insular diabetes. “Birch wood” combines own methods with the best world technologies in its medical practice.  Let`s say, joint scientific researches of German and Ukrainian specialists were used in creation of the unique program “School of life with diabetes”. This fact by itself makes “Birch Wood” the national level center of efficient rehabilitation of people, suffering from diabetes.  That` why all –Ukrainian Center of Sanatorium Rehabilitation of children and teenagers, suffering from this disease, was founded on the base of two departments of the health resort: for parents with children and adults, suffering from diabetes.

Medical treatment

In medical practice informative work on subject of clinical course and prevention of complications of diabetes is carried out extensively. Special Mirgorod program of treating diabetes has been developed in cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical German companies: “Hoechst Marion Roussel”, “Roche”, “Becton Dickinson”, “Schneekoppe”, “Esparma”. Stands with special literature on this problem, medical equipment, insulin, various devices for self-control are placed in cabinets. New cabinets – “Diabetic foot” and of infusion therapy have been opened. Experience of Mirgorod program is summarized and used on State level.

Besides that, sanatorium specializes in treatment of peripheral nervous and locomotive systems that is particularly actual in conditions of prevalence of osteochondrosis.

“Birch Wood” is also indicated for treatment of chronic gastritis, functional disorders of stomach and bowels, chronic colitis, chronic diseases of liver and biliary tracts, gall bladder.

Along with generally recognized knowledge and skills of personnel of “Birch Wood”, the following factors are used in medical practice of the sanatorium: “Mirgorodskaya” mineral water from its own pump-room, which is placed in one of dwelling buildings; general resort balneo and mud-cure clinic ( medical showers – circular, ascending, Sharko, underwater massage; baths – pearl, coniferous, sage, nitric, vortical); diagnostic center ( biochemical, bacteriological and immunological laboratories, cabinets of duodenal intubation, fractional analysis of gastric juice, gastroscopy, thermography, ultrasound scanning, reovasography); remedial gymnastic gym, cabinets of physiotherapy, massage, inhalatorium, therapeutic dentistry, dental prosthetics laboratory.

Regular consultations of profile doctors are organized, medical cabinets and laboratories are equipped with the most up-to-date devices.


“Birch Wood” sanatorium wasn`t named like that accidentally. It is surrounded by greenery of birches of the city park near the picturesque banks of the Khorol River. This health resort can accept more than 500 guests at a time. Four comfortable, compactly located dwelling buildings are at their service. Rooms of different categories are offered optionally here:

Single and double rooms with all conveniences;

“Luxe” suites.

Guests of the sanatorium are provided with dietary nutrition. There are three meals a day and menu is formed individually, based on dietary prescriptions of doctors. Products, that might have negative influence on process of healing, are excluded or restricted. Those, who suffered from consequences of liquidation of the catastrophe at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, get additional nutrition.

Naturally, “Birch Wood” has taken care of informative leisure time and comfortable stay of its guests and, first of all, the youngest ones: there are special play rooms with qualified tutors for them.

For adults and children there are: Palace of Culture, dancing ground, the beach, boat station, tennis court, paths for sports and walking and, of course, the huge city rest park. There is wide choice for those, who like travelling and excursions:  the great Mirgorod city and famous Gogol sites will not leave you indifferent.

A hairdressing salon, guarded parking and all kinds of services, provided by the city, are at guests` service.


Please contact tour operator “Prime Excursion Bureau” for getting detailed information about conditions of stay in «Birch Wood” sanatorium, current prices and ordering a voucher to the health resort.




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Poltava region, Mirgorod, Sanatorium “Birch Wood”


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