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St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the building of governmental offices and the monument to Grand Princess Olga in the 1910s. Kiev
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St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the building of governmental offices and the monument to Grand Princess Olga in the 1910s. Kiev
Thursday, 07 July 2022


Medical Tourism > Poltava region, Mirgorod, Sanatorium “Khorol”


Mirgorod mineral water is identical in its properties to mineral waters of such famous resorts as Sodden, Aachen and Baden-Baden. Our “queen of mineral waters” attracts tens of thousands tourists from over 30 countries of the world throughout a year. Many of them are frequent guests of “Khorol” sanatorium. Salubrious qualities of “Mirgorodskaya” mineral water are efficiently used here in rehabilitation and treatment of pregnant women, treatment of diseases of women`s reproductive organs. There is a special department for treatment of children with parents and rehabilitation department for patients with oncologic diseases.

Though, it would be not quite correct to say that such specialization of “Khorol” is stipulated only by exceptional properties of local mineral sources. The sanatorium successfully combines salubrious properties of “Mirgorodskaya” mineral water with other important medical-rehabilitation factors, first of all – with local healing mud.

Mineral mud from Mirgorod deposit is not less salubrious and famous in the world, than the “queen” – “Mirgorodskaya” water. To evaluate popularity and range of use of therapeutic mud, it is enough to say, that even considering minimal doses, acceptable for weakened organism, over 1200 tons of therapeutic mud is used here every year. On the whole, balneo-mud cure clinic, which has been entitled the best one in Ukraine for many times, offers its guests more than 50 types of procedures. Over two thousands tourists visit it every year.

Medical treatment

“Khorol” sanatorium created its own medical-rehabilitation base on basis of mutual complement of salubrious water and therapeutic mud. It includes own pump room of “Mirgorodskaya”, bath section of open type, which can provide with a full complex of balneological procedures. Salt-mine room, universal opportunities of the most advanced methods of treatment and SPA rest.

The health resort has three own specialized departments: therapeutic; department for children with parents, suffering from digestive system diseases; department of treatment of pregnant women with pregnancy term from 12 to 32 weeks.

Medical-prophylactic course can be supplemented with dietary dining hall, therapeutic exercise gym, specialized cabinets - physiotherapy and heliotherapy, electrotherapy, magneto therapy, laser therapy, ultra sound and microwave therapy, barotherapy, medical massage, inhalations, therapeutic dentistry.

So what specific diseases are treated at “Khorol”? Here is a list of main illnesses and ailments, which are treated at the health resort: chronic gastritis, functional disorders of stomach and intestine; chronic colitis and enterocolitis; chronic diseases of liver and gall tracts of different etiology; hepatitis; cholecystitis; angiocholitis; biliary and gall bladder Dyskinesia; chronic diseases of women`s reproductive organs: chronic salpingitis, annexitis, chronic parametritis, pelvic peritoneal adhesions, chronic endometritis, wrong position of uterus, climacteric syndrome; chronic diseases of peripheral nervous system, chronic synovitis and bursitis; diseases of locomotive system; pregnancy up to 32 weeks.


Three dwelling buildings of the sanatorium “Khorol” are placed in chain along the picturesque banks of the river Khorol, which gave its name to the sanatorium. They can accommodate 358 guests at once. There are such types of rooms available:

  • Double rooms with all conveniences;
  • Single rooms with all conveniences;
  • Double two-room “luxes”;
  • Double three-room “luxes”.

Comfort in the rooms, calmness, great feeding are the main benefits of this health resort. Most of its territory is situated right in a beautiful park. Summer is warm and winter is mild here.

Naturally, all cultural and everyday-need centers of the resort and the sanatorium itself are at service of guests of “Khorol”. For example, recreation center with its various entertaining programs, the beach, boat rent station. There is a play room for children with qualified tutors in the sanatorium. There are clothes and footwear repair shops, post office…

It is important to mention that there is discount system for guests, coming with two or more children.

Please contact tour operator “Prime Excursion Bureau” to get information about current prices and order a voucher to the health resort “Khorol”.

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Poltava region, Mirgorod, Sanatorium “Khorol”


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