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Papaverous field near Zbryzh in the valley of the Zbruch river, Ternopil region
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Papaverous field near Zbryzh in the valley of the Zbruch river, Ternopil region
Thursday, 07 July 2022


Medical Tourism > Poltava region, Mirgorod, “Poltava” Sanatorium

But medical-rehabilitation practice of “Poltava” is not filled only with patients in their early post-operation period. This range is much wider: it successfully covers treatment of all diseased, which are on the list of the main profile of the health resort complex in general, and whole range of concomitant diseases. Equipment with the best and most up-to-date diagnostic and medical devices, collective of experienced specialists, who can work with such “clever” equipment, give the health resort this capability.

But the main role still belongs to the “queen” - mineral water “Mirgorodskaya”, salubrious sip of which attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

Long-term researches of specialists of Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine confirm that properties and physical physicochemical composition of local water do not change through years and don`t lose their salubrious power. Used directly from the spring, “Mirgorodskaya” is saturated with the most important micro and macro elements in ideal condition for their assimilation by organism. Ions of chloride and sodium are the main composing material of gastric juice, they stimulate secretion of stomach. Besides, ions of sodium play the most important part in water exchange of the body. Ions of calcium are characterized by anti-inflammatory function; ions of magnesium diminish level of cholesterol, have cholagogue and spasmolytic properties, reduce excitability of central nervous system. And microelements, which “Mirgorodskaya” contains – copper, iodine, bromine, fluorine, iron – are very important for main vital functions of organism, since they enter into the composition of most ferments, vitamins and hormones.

Medical treatment

The mineral water is used for different procedures in “Poltava”:

Internal use –as healing agent for internals, in particular, organs of digestion;

External use – baths, medical showers, underwater shower-massage, inhalations, blind sounding, intestinal and gynecological irrigations.

Besides that, such procedures are used in treatment process:

  • Peat and mud treatment as local mud applications, electric mud-cure treatment, rectal and vaginal mud tampons, mud baths;
  • Various methods of apparatus physiotherapy;
  • Remedial gymnastics, mechanotherapy;
  • Climate therapy;
  • Dietary nutrition.

By the way, a few words about nutrition. In sanatorium “Poltava” great attention is paid to selecting medical dietary nutrition. Daily ration can spread up to six meals, depending on the diet. It enables to distribute medical procedures and treatment with mineral water flexibly to reach the best maximum therapeutic effect.

So, all these factors, taken together, enable “Poltava” sanatorium to provide its guests with effective treatment of:

  1. Chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency and disfunctions of motor-evacuation function of stomach out of acute phase;
  2. Chronic diseases of stomach with disorders of motor-evacuation function without signs of gastritis;
  3. Chronic colitis and enterocolitis of different etiology, except for one of stenosis origin, tubercular, ulcerous, bacillary, amebic forms, out of acute phase;
  4. Functional diseases of stomach with pathology of motor-evacuation function;
  5. Chronic diseases of liver and biliary tracts of different etiology, hepatitis, cholecystitis, angiocholitis without tendency to frequent exacerbations, without effects of icterus and normal ESR and leukocytosis;
  6. Dyskinesia of biliary tracts and gall bladder;
  7. Concomitant diseases of locomotive and peripheral nervous systems, gynecological problems.


“Poltava” sanatorium can accept 448 guests at a time. Sleeping building, dining-hall, cinema and concert hall are combined in one ensemble by modern architecture, interesting space and designers’ solutions, which create cozy atmosphere for rest and treatment. The spacious hall and dancing room enable realization of different cultural projects. At different times guests of the sanatorium had a chance to watch spectacular sights of flowers, performances of fashion theatre, waltz parties…

In a word, experience and attention of doctors, coziness of the building, surrounded by rich greenery of the park – all these make sanatorium “Poltava” especially attractive in “Mirgorod” health resort. Cultural and everyday services, provided by the city of Mirgorod should be mentioned too.

Guests are accommodated in double rooms with conveniences. There are also rooms of “luxe” category.

Daily cost of stay in “Poltava” (diagnostic, treatment, accommodation, nutrition – hrn. per person) depends on the category of the room and duration of stay in the sanatorium.  

Please contact tour operator “Prime Excursion Bureau” for getting detailed information about terms of stay in “Poltava” sanatorium, current prices and getting a voucher to the resort.

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Poltava region, Mirgorod, “Poltava” Sanatorium


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